Emozioni in Toscana

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Nesti Dante’s Emozioni in Toscana soaps were made to transform your shower into a Tuscan Scene.  Specially formulated scents send you on a tour of Italy, from scenic villages and monasteries to the Mediterranean coast.  Get lost…

Villages and Monasteries: An evocative scent tying together earth and heavens, a bouquet of incenses to re-establish the balance between mind and body.

Mediterranean Touch: The Mediterranean vegetation tied with the sea breeze becomes an intense fragrance which evokes juniper, thyme and pine resin fragrances.

The Golden Countryside: The precious properties of wheat and the touch of red poppies create a warm scent that is the very essence of Nature.

Enchanting Forest: Like a breeze running through fresh wet leaves, this enchanting scent fortifies the skin.

Garden in Bloom: A Spring journey through captivating scents that inspires both fantasies and passions.

Thermal Water: A soap that recalls the beauty and the harmony of Ancient Rome.  Its pure scent gives the skin the vital and therapeutic sensation of thermal springs.

“Emozioni in Toscana” by Nesti Dante are soaps produced in Florence with an entirely artisan process, as in the best Italian soapmaking tradition.  The basic paste, in face, is obtained through a slow and complex process, in special boilers, which lasts four days and require the constant presence and meticulous manual supervision of soap and perfume experts.