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Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

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Elegant in their simplicity and grace, Reed Diffusers from SunLeaf Naturals bring a touch of nature into your home. The pure essential oils absorb into the natural reeds to gently fill the room with our fresh, clean scents. SunLeaf Naturals diffusers are made from pure plant ingredients without any alcohol, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals. Breathe deep and enjoy.  

100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS / Aromatherapy Benefits:

  • Amyris Bergamot / Centering & Cheering
  • Cedar Mint / Refreshing & Revitalizing
  • Cinnamon Cypress / Warming & Balancing
  • Clarysage Lavender / Calming & Soothing
  • Lemon Vetiver / Clarifying & Inspiring
  • Olibanum Spruce / Meditative & Balancing
  • Orange Ginger / Energizing & Uplifting
  • Rosy Geranium / Restorative & Uplifting

Reed Diffuser | 1.0 fl oz

  • Packaged in a box with an amber bottle and a bouquet of reeds.
  • Lasts 2-3 months
  • Use with included amber bottle, or pour into another vessel!