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Fair Trade Mystery Box

$25.00 - $60.00
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Celebrate Fair Trade with us!  This Mysterious Box of Mystery contains such a variety of fun items, from Gifts to Housewares, Bath, and even possibly clothing.  This particular Mystery Box can have just about anything inside, all Fair Trade or Made in the USA.  Because this box could potentially contain articles of clothing, please enter your shirt size (+ preferred Gender) and shoe size.

Standard - $25 ($35+ value)

     Assortment of 3-5 items (or more, who knows?!)

Deluxe - $40 ($60+ value)

     Assortment of 5-7 items

Ultra - $60 ($85+ value)

     The higher value of this box means you could potentially have just about anything!  12+ items, or only 2-3.  Or anything in between, really. 

Roll the dice, and let's see what you get! 


Boxes may contain any of the following product categories: 



Hair Accessories




Bath & Body

And so much more! 



All Mystery Boxes are sold as a final sale item.  There will be no refunds/exchanges made once the Mystery Box has shipped.  All items in Mystery Boxes are part of our best selling products line up.