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Jasmine Aroma Essence

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Jasmine (Jessamine) is a warm and rich floral scent with a deep aroma that lingers for hours.

Jasmine is just as classic and popular as the Rose, yet is an exotic and sultry scent. It is a gender bending scent with a rich, deep floral fragrance. Jasmine is actually considered an absolute and not an essential oil as the petals of the flower are much too delicate and would be destroyed by the distillation process used in creating essential oils. The flowers have to be gathered at night because the odor of jasmine is more powerful after dark. This is how Jasmine gained the nickname “Queen of the Night”. The flowers are laid out on cotton cloths soaked in olive oil for several days and then extracted leaving the true jasmine essence. Some of the countries producing jasmine essential oil are India, Egypt, China and Morocco. Jasmines are believed to to alleviate stress and balance our emotional well being.

Active Ingredients: Botanical Extracts & Essential Oils

For Use In: Pure From Nature Air Purifiers and Ionizers

Not meant for oral consumption or topical use.