Laundry Egg

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The Laundry Egg is a complete replacement for laundry detergent.  Just pop it in the drum of your washing machine on top of your clothes – no powder, liquid, tablets, gels, or even fabric softener required. The two types of natural mineral pellets inside the egg work together, lifting off the dirt and odors, leaving significantly less residue on your clothes.


  • No harsh chemicals
  • Dermatologically tested and kind to skin
  • Kind to the environment
  • Kind to your pocket


Supported by Allergy UK and awarded the Allergy Friendly Product Award, the Laundry Egg is dermatologically tested so kind to your skin.


With the 210 wash Laundry Egg, the cost per wash is just 8 cents. You can also buy refills and use your egg over and over again helping to reduce plastic waste.


Includes 1 plastic laundry egg, multiple packs of mineral pellets, and 1 packet of tourmaline pellets


Instructions: Open egg by pushing button and twisting bottom half. Load three packs of white and one pack of dark pellets into egg.Twist top until it clicks into place. Place laundry egg on top of clothing inside of laundry machine. When the white mineral pellets have dissolved to about half their original size (after about 72 washes), add one new pack of white mineral pellets into the egg. Dark pellets will not need to be replaced