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Massage Ring

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As Featured in Do-Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving by Louise Lavergne


These flexible, stretchy rings with triangular shaped points are the perfect answer for a delightful finger massage.  Not only can you massage the acupressure points in your fingers and toes, but the massage also helps to increase blood flow through these areas, effectively relieving stiffness caused by repeated moving or clenching, and decreasing swelling. 

De-stress, relax, enjoy a lovely little massage as you roll the ring up and down your fingers (and toes!).  These rings can be used anywhere, any time, so they are also great if you fidget.  

Ring color will be determined based on stock on hand.

Rings are currently BOGO 50% off!  2 Rings for $14.99!


WARNING:  Ring is not intended to be worn as a regular ring.  Use the ring for several minutes to massage your fingers, rolling up and down.  When you are finished, remove the ring and store it in the included pouch