Solid Copper Tumbler

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These solid copper drinking vessels are more than just beautiful!

Why Copper?

  • Copper drinking vessels have been utilized in Ayurveda for centuries.  Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “The Science of Life and Longevity”.  It is the ancient, holistic health system arising from the sages of India, who were adept at observing their inner experience and bringing their mind/body/spirit into harmony with nature.
  • As Part of a Daily Routine (Dinacharya), it is recommended to drink water stored overnight in a pure copper vessel first thing in the morning.  Drinking this water upon waking washes the GI Tract, flushes the Kidneys, and stimulates Peristalsis.
  • In Western Medicine, copper is known as an essential trace mineral that helps with the formation of collagen.  It also has antimicrobial properties and increases the absorption of iron in the body.  Copper deficiency can cause an increased risk of infection, osteoporosis, impaired neurological function, and compromised growth.

How should I use my Copper Water Vessel?

  • Before use, fill your vessel with a mixture of 1:4 lemon or vinegar and water and soak for a few minutes. Scrub the vessel from the inside with a brush and rinse with water. In addition, wash your copper vessel inside and out with water and soap before use.
  • Your copper product will naturally patina over time from oxidation. It is important to keep your copper product clean for maximum health benefits. You can remove the patina by cleaning with salt and lemon, tamarind or vinegar. The household cleaner "Bar Keepers Friend" will also shine your product.
  • Avoid washing your copper vessel in a dishwasher.
  • We recommend leaving water in your copper vessel overnight to drink first thing in the morning, before consuming any other food or drink.
  • Only recommended for use with water; no other liquids